Illes Balears Clàssics


The Illes Balears Classics, renowned as Vela Clásica Mallorca, is a prestigious regatta celebrating the heritage of classic and vintage yachts. Held annually in the Balearic Islands, this event attracts yacht owners and sailing aficionados from across the world, showcasing their beautifully preserved vessels from different historical periods.

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Celebrate timeless elegance in Mallorca during the Illes Balears Clàssics


The Regatta

This eagerly anticipated sailing event has cemented its status as a beacon of maritime heritage and tradition. It attracts individuals who share a deep passion for classic and vintage yachts, creating a global community of like-minded enthusiasts. These yachts, spanning true classics from the pre-1950s era to those in the Spirit of Tradition and Vintage categories, are lovingly maintained and restored by dedicated boat owners.

The regatta goes beyond competitive racing; it’s a celebration of maritime history and a platform for boat owners to underscore the significance of preserving these invaluable cultural assets. Social events, parades, and exhibitions linked to classic yachting enhance the experience, forming a unique blend of competition and education.